Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yard Sharing Anyone?

I recently came across a site with the goal of promoting Yard Sharing. This seems like a pretty cool idea. It's totally new to me, but I gather that you essentially share yard space with your neighbors for the purpose of gardening. If you have some yard but no time to garden, share it with someone who likes to garden but has no yard. Pretty neat, right?! I checked the entire Minneapolis/St Paul area and found only one relatively new group starting up in Minneapolis. So it seems to be a new thing in these parts.

Here's a link to a YouTube video interview with Liz McLellan who started this site and is a big proponent of yard sharing.

I wonder: Have any of you heard of this? Do you have any experience doing this sort of thing with a neighbor? Would you be interested in it? And how do you see it working for someone like me - a novice gardener willing to do gardening in my own yard so I don't need someone else's yard space, and don't need anyone else to come garden in mine? I wonder for those of us in my kinda shoes, if this could be a nice opportunity to share the fruits of our garden when they become too much. And to trade ideas or even seeds with people right in my neck o' the woods. I'd love to hear what you think. Please add your comments to my blog.


  1. i think its a super cool idea, i offered to share my yard and the care of our garden with a couple people i know but no one was into it this year. maybe next year. however i often give extra food to friends, especially kale and greens which are super abundant in our yard.

  2. The idea is still pretty new, hopefully in 2010 we can get the word out far and wide so that there are more potential partners!

  3. Hey me again, that link to - is using the ning link...which might not work forever. If you change the underlying link to it will always work!

    Thanks for linking to us!