Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ethical Man on BBC News

Have you heard of the Ethical Man series by BBC News? It's actually a bit old by now, but it's great fun! And certainly gives this city girl some food for thought in terms of greening my life. In the series, one of their reporters, Justin Rolatt, "embarks on a year of ethical living." An endeavor that is basically an effort to green his life, and of course his wife and children are forced to go along for the ride. As part of their new ethical lives, the family gives up their car, gives up flying by plane for vacations, becomes vegan for a month, and makes an effort to create energy savings at home in well-known ways such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and insulation, and less-known ways such as installing a wind turbine as an alternative energy source for their home. Check out the 30 minute video summary of their year of ethical living. You can also check out shorter more in-depth segments on each of Ethical Man's adventures.

More recently Ethical Man has come to America. You can follow his American Adventures at his blog.

Lastly, I'll share with you an entertaining bit of info I've learned from Ethical Man: Kangaroo farts may just be the key to changing the world.

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