Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Cloth Diapers Have Arrived!

Yesterday, Do Good Diapers left a fun little package on our door step: our first sets of cloth diapers! Since we're having twins (any day now!) we have even more reason to try the cloth adventure. The cost, even using a diaper service, will be nearly half as much as buying disposables. For a singleton, you'd probably break out about even with the use of a diaper service. So here's what we got:

two HUGE bags of prefold diapers, many many Pro Wrap cloth diaper covers (pictured in the small bin), and four snappis (also pictured in the small bin), and diaper pail. We ordered the Starter Package so we are also covered for our first 12 weeks of the diaper service. We simply have to throw the dirty diapes into the pail (soiled & all) and leave it on our doorstep weekly. They'll pick up the dirties and drop of a set of clean ones. Couldn't be easier!

The only thing this City Girl was worried about was: How exactly do I do this thing? How do I put them on anyway? I have seen many chances in our area to attend a cloth diapering workshop, but none have fit our schedules. So I gave Do Good Diapers a call and they suggested I check out YouTube for some examples of how to put on a cloth diaper. Then they even offered to come out to our house and do a personal tutorial for us. Wow!! Well, after checking out YouTube, I must say I think the tutorial is not necessary. There are some amazing videos out there that show how it really is a piece of cake!

Here's just one:

And just to show that it really did teach this City Girl How to do this, here's Elmo, looking happy as a clam in his cloth diaper!

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  1. ELMO!!! He looks fab in his new pre-folded cloth diaper. ;)

    I just have one thing to say ... and that is that I hope they pay the poor soul who has the job of driving around all day picking up dirty diapers that have been sitting out on someone's front porch for a week a very large sum of money to do that job!