Monday, April 19, 2010


So there's a brave new experiment going on these past few weeks in the City Girl household. We're starting this year's garden from seeds! This is a first for me, so I of course, sought some advice from the web. And I found this nifty little idea for starting seedlings in empty water or milk jugs.

Now, before you scold me for my ecological unfriendliness of buying water let me just say that we happen to live in a home old enough to have lead pipe connecting the city water service to our house. Supposedly not an issue if you run your water long enough before drinking, but would you take chances with the adorable twin boys we have? I didn't think so! So bottled water for the babes it is.

But even better if I can re-purpose the jugs right?! So the idea couldn't be simpler. You cut the jug in half, plant your seeds, put the top back on and supposedly this creates a greenhouse like environment which helps them grow even better! Since we have no room in my house for me to leave growing seedlings around anywhere, I had to put them out on our three season porch which is cold. So I also invested in a warming mat and grow light. I told myself it'll pay off in the long run. I didn't mark the day that the experiment started but I'd venture a guess it was around mid-March.

Here's some photos for proof of my City Girl experiment. See how big my tomatoes are getting! And these were taken a whole week ago! In the picture of four jug bases, the one with much smaller plants is my broccoli. All three others are tomatoes. Perhaps my experiment worked too good though: I had needed only six tomato plants and I have 15 healthy seedlings! All the better for sharing, right?

What new things are you trying this year in your garden? Next up, as soon as I get another break from those twin boys, The Great City Girl Garden Expansion! Yup, we're tripling the size of our garden space this year. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Only time will tell!


  1. A suggestion for the tomatoes: take off the bottom leaves when they're ready to plant, and bury them deep into the soil. They will develop roots off the stem, and the plants become sturdier. You can use the top of the milk jugs as a mini greenhouse to protect the seedlings once they're big enough to be planted. Also, don't feel bad if you're broccoli don't make it from seed. I have never had much luck starting broccoli from seed. They need to be started very early (Jan/Feb)to be big enough to make it up north. Mine also tended to be very leggy and fragile.


  2. You have lots of google ads on your blog but do you ever do advertising for green companies? If so how would someone contact you?

  3. Hi Paul. It would depend on the company/product/terms/etc. I've added contact info in the "About Me" section on the bottom right of my blog.